David Burrowes on Disability benefits

A local MP has continued to press the Government over proposed cuts to disability benefits.

David Burrowes, MP for Enfield Southgate, had previously challenged plans to cut Employment and Support Allowance payments for disabled people by up to £30 a week. Pointing to “huge public concern” surrounding the issue, Burrowes supported a debate to air his objection.

In the debate, Mr Burrowes highlighted a “credibility and confidence gap” on how the Government supports the vulnerable.

“I believe that, as we approach April, the way in which we show our support and care for the vulnerable and disabled is a litmus test for the Green Paper” Mr Burrowes said. Stating the need to reform the current system, he continued “I recognise that the WRAG is not fit for purpose, as only 1% are getting into work, but it does have a purpose. It has a purpose for the most vulnerable individuals, for whom the financial element of £30 really matters”.

Further pressing Penny Mordaunt, Minister of State for the DWP, for a guarantee that the loss of WRAG payments for new claimants would not go uncompensated, Mr Burrowes was offered ‘reassurance’ that the hardship fund, the flexible support fund and the third-party deals would fully compensate for the loss of the WRAG payments for new claimants.

Speaking after the debate, Mr Burrowes welcomed the Minister’s commitment, stating that “the budget for vulnerable people facing temporary or long term hardship should not consist of leftover crumbs once the welfare cake has been shared out with pensioners and child benefits and required savings.”